Our services are:

1) The production of invoices detailing the agreed sum charged to the foreign client for the tax consultancy service.

Following the client’s interaction with Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy, their invoice will be issued in two parts:

  • Invoice 1: 92% of the payment required for services rendered (this percentage may be increased based on the social impact of the project and the associated taxes in each country).
  • Invoice 2: the remaining 8% (or less) administration charge, which should be paid in FairCoins. (These FairCoins will then be distributed: with 1% of the original agreed sum going to Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy to facilitate overheads, and the remaining 7% going to a common, shared fund which will support a variety of beneficiaries).

Once the administrative charge (Invoice 2) is paid, it is the policy of the Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy to write-off the outstanding income (Invoice 1) as a gesture of goodwill and support.

2) The creation of a decentralised fiscal disobedience network.

The second objective is to connect the entities and clients who use the above service, in order to create economic relations that will reduce the tax obligations of all participants. For organisations which seek to network in a decentralised manner, the Consultancy can connect participants directly and agree upon a % in FairCoin – going towards a common shared fund that can be used to support the beneficiary projects (such as the Refugees Fund). We are seeking to develop software in order to facilitate the interconnection of this network.

Who can use our services?

Any cooperative, self-employed, social company, organizations, NGO and ethical business is eligible to avail of these services, so long as they:

– have a practical affinity with the principles of FairCoop (which can be consulted at

– or show a practical involvement in a solidarity economy or community networks at local, regional or international level.

What does the future hold?

We are working towards the creation of a Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy Network, with participants drawn from each country affected by the Troika bailout as well as from other European countries that want to get involved and show solidarity in the move to change financial power relations. Each consultancy will be organised by people who are insolvent and fully committed to projects informed by civil disobedience.