We are building a European network of companies which support a European tax disobedience movement.

What happens when a Fiscal Consultancy company becomes disobedient to the rules of the state in which it is based? What if it was to produce invoices and other services that support disobedient collectives which aim to build and fund a common collective good? What would happen if a large network of as many companies as neccessary came together to create a tide of disobedience?

This is what we are doing. We are creating an international network of consultancies to participate in a programme of decentralised tax disobedience against the Troika, and we’re calling it Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy Network. Using the strategies employed by international financial tax assessors that benefit neoliberal companies’ tax liabilities, the project creates a legitimate avenue by which to support organisations in their practice of fiscal disobedience. While Europe has channeled a multitude of private and public resources into opening and integrating trade, the same diligence has yet to be attempted in the regulatory field.

Troika Fiscal Disobedience Consultancy has been created to support other organisations’ in their practice of fiscal disobedience. Our aim is to support local and cooperative projects that are directed towards the recovery of citizens’ socials rights in the regions controlled by the Troika.